College-Educated White Dems Are an Outlier: Liner Notes

New week, new Federalist column: “How College-Educated Whites Are Polarizing And Fracturing The Democratic Party.” Prior studies suggested as much among Democratic elites, or white liberals. A new study breaks it down further among the rank-and-file. There is a lesser effect, but college-educated white Democrats are an outlier within the party, helping elites drive the party leftward and increasing the disunity within the party on many issues.

Interestingly, while this is only one survey, the results suggest even college-educated white Democrats are less woke on racial issues than the elites, white liberals, or Dems of color. These results may be in tension with the prior studies of white liberals in particular. NPR has a story up today, titled “How White Liberals Became ‘Woke,’ Radically Changing Their Outlook On Race,” which gets around to a story I’ve been writing about for close to a year (ahem).

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