How Hard Are Democrats Trying to Lose in 2020? (Liner Notes)

New week, new Federalist column: “How Hard Are Democrats Trying To Lose In 2020?

Inasmuch as the column is ultimately a dig at Elizabeth Warren, please note that The Federalist’s publisher, Ben Domenech, has a case to make for her:

National Review’s Dan McLaughlin disagrees:

I may be somewhere in between. My column talks about swing voters from a policy perspective, but I also have come to believe that policy is “overrated” in presidential campaigns. Warren’s policy problems happen to be on health care and immigration — both of which are salient issues and ones where Warren’s unpopular positions are easily understood.

I agree with Ben about Warren’s populism being a source of her current rise; I’ve even written about it. But if we wind up in a recognized recession before election day, Trump would probably lose to either Biden or Warren. Biden could pitch himself as an experienced hand, talk about how he and “Barack” saved the economy during the financial crisis, etc.

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