Whither the Trump Dynasty? (Liner Notes)

My final Federalist column this week asks, “Will President Trump Launch A Dynasty?” And I don’t really answer the question, which is probably bad punditry, but I try to stay away from predictions. Nevertheless, I offer ways for people to think about the question, which has been bouncing around online for the past week or so. Indeed, I was already working this up mentally before it became the cover story at The Atlantic.

I didn’t really leave much out for space, either. I could have elaborated a bit more on what different types of candidates Ivanka and Don Jr. would be, but I figure most people understand that without elaboration.

I also could have included a bit about how dynasties in America are generally overrated, even outside politics. The wealth and income inequality stats on this do not really stack up the way the left thinks they do. And I might have included it because at one point this was looking like a short piece, rather than a standard one. But then the bit about a potential Obama dynasty hit me and allowed me to stay within the lane of politics. I am usually big on having a column structured in my head before I start writing. But sometimes I have to just start writing and let the process tell me how to flesh out an argument.

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