Sanders and Warren Promote Hate: Liner Notes

Another day, another column up at The Federalist: “Warren Mimics Bernie’s Promotion Of Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour To Campaign Surrogate.” Not quite how I’d put it (the timeline is reversed), but it’s a problem either way.

Sadly, the records of Linda Sarsour and Max Berger are so copious that items were left out due to space considerations, particularly incidents that required explanation of a backstory. For example, Sarsour once wished she could take away Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s vagina. That’s bad enough on its own, but is worse once people know who Ali is and that she was the victim of female genital mutilation at age five. Sarsour was even condemned as an anti-Semite by grunge rocker Courtney Love, but again the back story would have required more explanation.

Similarly, I left out Max Berger’s 2013 tweet, “Confession: I would totally be friends with Hamas,” because the left has reason to pass it off as a joke. But when you look at Berger’s total record, how much of a joke was it? And I left out the sad fact that Warren agreed with Berger’s fellow travelers from IfNotNow about ending “the occupation,” because I felt like I’d have to explain why “occupation” is the wrong term, and one aimed at delegitimizing Israel.

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