Jonathan Franzen’s Climate Doomsday: Liner Notes

My latest is up (in a pleasant surprise) midday at The Federalist, “Jonathan Franzen’s Crazy Climate Rant Contains A Nugget Of Truth.”

Given how quickly it was posted, I’m not in a position to write at length about it now. However, a couple of things did get left out. For example, I considered noting Franzen has had a rough couple of years professionally. I erred on the side of not delivering a cheap shot, though it might provide some context to his extreme pessimism about the state of the world.

Moreover, this is not Franzen’s first foray into climate doomsaying. He previously published a collection of essays titled The End of the End of the Earth, which spent a fair amount of space focused on saving the birds instead of humans. Like this new essay, the left didn’t much care for that, either.

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