Warren Rises On Her Rivals’ Weaknesses: Liner Notes

So, I have a new column up today at The Federalist, “How Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy Benefits From Her Democrat Competitors’ Weakness.”

The thesis is one that seemed obvious to me, though I hadn’t seen anyone actually write the column, so I did. It’s in a fairly bloggy style. We are trained to think of polls as a snapshot of a moment, but in truth, straight news is the same way. Columns, including my own, often reach for something larger, but there’s something to be said for a summing up of the general situation at a particular moment. And shortly before Labor Day seemed like an apt moment.

I do feint toward something larger at the end in considering that a comparison of Democrats is a different exercise than comparing a Democrat to President Trump. But Josh Kraushaar recently wrote more on Elizabeth Warren’s general election problems. I went to the archive so you can zip by the paywall. You’re welcome.

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