Big Media Still Whitewashing Democratic Anti-Semitism: Liner Notes

My latest column is up at The Federalist, “Media Won’t Report That Tlaib And Omar’s Israel Trip Was Planned By A Pro-Terrorist Group.”

I did not leave out much for space, instead running a fair amount over the usual maximum word count. That said, as with my piece on Woodstock, there’s more granular detail on some things in pieces hyperlinked within the column.

This is still unfortunate, as click-through rates on hyperlinks is generally abysmal. It is generally preferable to show rather than tell. For example, I mention Josh Glancy, the New York correspondent for The Sunday Times of London, on the Corbynization of the Labor Party. It’s more powerful when you know that Glancy identifies as a ” Jewish Labourite” and writes this before concluding Corbyn is anti-Semitic:

“Mr. Corbyn has described the constitutionally genocidal Hamas as his ‘friends.’ He’s appeared on stage with inveterate anti-Semites. He’s defended a mural that depicted hooknosed bankers running the world. He’s attended a wreath-laying ceremony that celebrated the perpetrators of the Munich Olympics massacre.

“All of this was variously offensive, tone-deaf, ignorant or, at times, insidious. But none of these scandals quite clinched it for me. The associations were often tangential. And, I reasoned, there was the possibility of confusion: Mr. Corbyn is not exactly known for his sharp wits.”

Partisanship, as the kids say, is a helluva drug. And in that sense, I note his example not as a complete condemnation, but a recognition of human nature. After all, much the same sort of denial was at work for many Republicans when it came to Rep. Steve King. But King was ultimately condemned by his party, while Omar is defended by hers. That’s not healthy politics and those journalists pretending otherwise are contributing to the toxicity.

By the way, I also recognize that some media outlets may get around to reporting on MITFAH eventually. But a biased narrative can circle the world many times before the truth gets its boots on.

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