Twofer Monday Again: Liner Notes

Another Monday, another double-column day for me at The Federalist. (To be honest, I don’t know how good that is for me, traffic-wise, but whatevs.)

The first piece, “Tom Steyer’s Presidential Campaign Discredits His Drive To Impeach President Trump,” was entirely my idea. Steyer’s campaign is like the donkey in the room. Once you notice its fatal flaw, it cannot be unseen. And yet I hadn’t seen anyone writing about it when reporting on his recent poll numbers. So laying out the evidence was a straightforward exercise.

The second piece, “No, President Trump Should Not Commute Rod Blagojevich’s Corruption Sentence,” was not my idea, but as a citizen of the Land of Lincoln I jumped on the suggestion. Going back over the material, Blagojevich turned out to be even worse than I remembered. So much so that toward the end of this column, I probably could have stood to use more “probablys” and “likelys,” but did not because I was a bit irked. The column runs a bit long and there was still so much bad Blago I had to leave out (e.g., his often absentee governorship, how much even fellow Dems disliked him, etc.). >Sigh<

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