Twofer Wednesday: Liner Notes

I again have two columns today at the Federalist, part of my effort to help them out on the semi-breaking news front. And both coincidentally involve The New York Times. Not a great week for them so far.

The first, “After Appellate Victory, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Against The New York Times Goes Forward,” is a fairly straightforward analysis of the appellate court decision reversing the dismissal of Palin’s libel claim against the Gray Lady. As an attorney, it’s interesting to me that the decision barely involves the First Amendment. The trial judge here improperly tried to dispose of the case summarily. Political bias may have been an influence here, but it’s more likely that the bias was simply in favor of trying to dispose of cases quickly when possible. In my experience, judges tend to think they can dispose of things more quickly than they ought.

The second, “After Democrat Pushback, New York Times Switches Headline To One Slamming Trump,” is about more than the NYT. Even if one accepts EIC Dean Baquet’s protestations that the paper was not pressured into changing a Trump-neutral headline, the disruptions of the internet age make media outlets more beholden to their audiences. It’s just one of myriad ways in which our technological revolution has created a more populist culture.

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