The Far Left Gets Sick of Obama: Liner Notes

Today’s Federalist column is “Far Left Prepares To Throw Barack Obama Into The Dustbin Of History.”

Last weekend’s Netroots conference provided a flesh-and-blood example of the disconnect between the Democrats’ woke activist class and the black voters whose interests they claim to champion (and Democrats generally). It’s also a tale of two conferences, as the contrast between Netroots and the annual LULAC confab was striking. And I get to take a couple of digs at Dave Weigel, which is only becoming more fun as his partisan hackery becomes ever more servile.

What got left out? I have written plenty about the Democrats’ “Upstairs / Downstairs” coalition that I could have re-supplied, but I viewed this piece as an opportunity to “show, not tell,” which can be more effective. Sometimes, the writing of a column just flows naturally, so I went with the flow.

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