Young People Souring on LGBTQ, or Half Of It? (Liner Notes)

I have a new column at The Federalist, “GLAAD Poll: Young Americans Are Increasingly Uncomfortable With LGBTQ Culture.” This not the sort of topic I usually write about, but I do take an interest in polling and this one seemed like it was in FDRLST’s wheelhouse. So much so that it turns out they published another piece with largely the same thesis today. Go figure.

What got left out for space? The piece presumes — as GLAAD does — that the polling is accurate, largely because it seems to be a trend over time. But when measuring the subsample of young people, the margin of error will be higher and there’s always some chance the result of the poll is an outlier.

Conversely, it’s possible that younger people, forced to deal with LGBTQ issues more directly than most, are more willing to give the politically incorrect answer than older people, in which case GLAAD has a bigger problem than it thinks.

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