Biden’s Dixiecrat Comments: Liner Notes

The week ends with another column at The Federalist, “Joe Biden’s Dixiecrat Comments Are Freaking Out The Left, But Not Many Dem Voters.” That last bit of the headline may be a bit premature, but editorial is probably right about it.

I do think Biden’s history here will be a legit problem for some, which is why I’m careful to note that the column is discussing additional reasons why they have become an issue now. Many (but not all) of the people and institutions blasting Biden now said nothing when he was a heartbeat away from the presidency for eight years. The younger woke folk may at least plead ignorance.

The column ultimately lands on a discussion of how much black Democrats will care. Pundits may be overestimating the offense, much as they misjudge other aspects of the black Democratic vote.

As Jonah Goldberg writes today, the media is cheering Pete Buttigieg for calling Mike Pence a bigot on LGBTQ issues and not noticing Buttigieg does not say the same of black Democrats who are not particularly woke on the subject. Perhaps not coincidentally, Buttigieg tends to find almost zero support from black voters in the early polling — a fact which, if unaltered, probably dooms his candidacy. And yet the media will probably not say much about it because it would involve recognizing the schism in the party about which I have been writing for months.

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