The Democratic Generation Gap: Liner Notes

I have another new column posted at The Federalist: “Democrats’ Problem Is Not The 70-Somethings Leading The Party, It’s Their Socialist Young.” It’s partly a response to a wonderfully-written column by Andrew Ferguson, but mostly the weaving together of a number of themes I’ve been exploring since 2016.

Space considerations precluded me from addressing still more themes I have written up that fit into my overall theory of what happened to democrats. For example, I have previously noted more explicitly that losing a “wave” election generally leaves the more hardcore members of a party as survivors, fueling the dynamic I describe in the column.

Ferguson also refers to Congressional leadership, which I skipped. Yet it seems fairly clear that House Speaker Pelosi is playing adult in the room, trying her best to block progressives from making the political discourse about fantasies like the Green New Deal or futile gestures like impeachment, instead of issues the average voter cares about.

Also, I did not get to address a possible counter-argument that if one looks at the 2006 election, the seat losses during the Obama era start to look more normal. But this is a different version of the same story. Obama’s big win in a terrible political climate for the GOP helped convince Dems the Emerging Democratic Majority had emerged, that the Rising American Electorate had risen. But it only did so for Obama, yet another disappointment fueling the impatient Left.

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