Elizabeth Warren’s Media Boost: Liner Notes

My latest column, “The Media Are Trying Really Hard To Make Elizabeth Warren Happen,” is posted at The Federalist.

This is another in the subgenre of “I submitted this near the end of the week and hope it holds up through the weekend.” Fortunately it does, though there may be more polling data to support it since last Thursday.

Structurally, it is also a fairly bloggy column. In the heyday of the old school blogosphere, when writing about a story as big as a nomination or an election, every so often it was useful to write what the military might call a sitrep — a general summation synthesizing the coverage and commentary in the effort to clarify the state of play. I generally didn’t write them in the style of a column, as I do here, but the concept and structure are largely the same.

Here, I’m looking at the media boomlet for Warren (and the resulting boost, perhaps temporary , she is receiving in polls) not only to revisit her strengths and weaknesses as a candidate, but also how it may affect they dynamics of the overall primary campaign going forward.

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