A Contrarian Take on Biden’s Abortion Flip: Liner Notes

My latest column at The Federalist is “Don’t Assume Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flop Will End His Campaign.”

There really wasn’t anything left out for space, though since I submitted it there have been two polls suggesting Biden’s flip on taxpayer-funded abortions has hurt him.

Rather, the twist here is that immediately after the clumsy pivot, there was some chatter online speculating that perhaps the Democrat-controlled House might follow. So I mentally gamed out what a trainwreck it would be if Dems were dumb enough to pass spending bills without the Hyde Amendment.

However, by Monday, it became clear there was no appetite in the House or among pro-choice interest groups to push for taxpayer-funded abortion. Rather than drop the subject, I decided to recalibrate and think about what it meant that Biden had flipped on an issue where there’s no real support for change. From this perspective, much of the doomsaying about what it meant began to look a bit too convenient, which became the basis for today’s column.

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