Twofer Monday: Liner Notes

Today — the rare day when I have a preexisting commitment — I have not one, but two columns up at The Federalist today: “AOC, Bernie Sanders Want Post Office To Be A ‘Public Option’ For Banking,” and “Coverage Of Valerie Plame’s Run For Congress Ignores Her Anti-Semitism.” What they have in common is falling into the category of “breaking news, but it’s the weekend and will it still be fresh Monday?” Accordingly, both pieces try to dig a little deeper than the quick hit pieces some conservative outlets ran on Friday.

In the case of postal banking, there’s a bit more history of the idea. And for the companion proposal of capping credit card interest, there’s the point not raised elsewhere that the financial sector has securitized that debt as they do with mortgages, with implications for the broader economy. Further, as a note about writing, I led with the postal banking plan because it sounds goofy on its face and thus is more clickable than the interest rate cap, which is probably the more significant part of the bill.

The Plame column again highlights the growing acceptance of anti-Semitic candidates — at least as long as they’re Democrats. That’s a theme I’ve hit several times. The unique part of this story may be the way that the scandal which made her famous is probably part of How We Got Trump. The writing challenge here was cramming in a lot of material. The Federalist always thinks about Millennial and Gen Z readers, so I had to give the background of the Plame affair, but in a condensed form to leave space for that which the establishment media left out.

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