AOC Gets Climate Polls Wrong: Liner Notes

I have a new column up today at The Federalist: “AOC’s Insistence Americans Care About Climate Change Heavily Distorts The Polling.”

This piece originated in a short goof I had emailed, and it was greenlit as a short piece, so there was not much left out. Indeed, the problem became that when I write about polling, doing the “show don’t tell” with the numbers tends to inflate the length, requiring self-editing to whittle it back down to a shortie.

What interested me about this particular AOC gaffe (among her many gaffes) is that it made me realize her fixation on climate change is part of the much larger story I’ve been writing about for months: the schism in the Democratic Party being caused by a small faction of the exceedingly woke. Her election is itself is part of this story, as I was recently reminded by Jonah Goldberg (and his major domo, Jack Butler) in a recent episode of The Remnant podcast. It makes complete sense, therefore, that she would prioritize an issue compelling to that demographic, but of only ephemeral interest to others.

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