The Trivialization of 9/11: Liner Notes

I have a new piece up at the Federalist, “No, Ilhan Omar And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Not The Real Victims Of 9/11.” Its primary argument is that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments trivializing 9/11 are not being taken out of context and are in fact worse when heard in context (making that defense from prominent Dems even worse).

What got left out for space? Quite a bit. In hindsight, I should have emphasized that Omar pandering to a group like the Council on American-Islamic Relations was in the abstract the sort of thing politicians do as a matter of routine. That this particular case is nauseating is merely a function of the politician and group involved. But the pandering context underscores the intentional nature of Omar’s remarks.

Next, in discussing her recently resurfaced 2013 interview suggesting people should think of America and the U.S. Army no differently from al Qaeda or Hezbollah, I should have noted that host is — like Omar — a far-left radical and anti-Semite. And that she continued to accept his invitations at least as recently as 2017. Omar’s defenders constantly suggest she does not know what she’s doing and saying, when the opposite is plainly obvious.

I also should have noted in passing that the left’s claim that Omar is being targeted for criticism because she’s a progressive Muslim woman of color is horse manure. Rep. Ron Paul is none of those things and was booed by a GOP debate audience for making arguments similar to Omar’s in 2011.

Lastly, I decided to avoid addressing those on the right who still want to give Omar the benefit of the doubt. As noted previously (and just above), the idea that a 40-year-old Member of Congress does not understand what she’s been saying consistently for years is naive at best. Many good-hearted people gave Jeremy Corbyn the benefit of the doubt for years, and now the UK’s Labour Party is riddled with anti-Semitism. Omar’s public record is a living a rebuttal of any presumption of good faith.

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