The Decline and Fall of the SPLC (For Starters): Liner Notes

I have another new column posted at The Federalist today, “Why The Media Won’t Drop The SPLC Despite Its Obvious Corruption.” I believe that the corruption is perhaps not obvious, which is why it has gone unnoticed. But with the scandals now surrounding the Southern Poverty Law Center, it’s becoming obvious. And it points the way toward other groups with some of the same conflicts.

Not much got excluded entirely for space, which is why today’s piece runs a graf or three longer than usual. It’s in the bucket of pieces that springs from conversation, and in briefly outlining what my angle on the story would be, I put a bit more on my plate than a normal column would contain.

Moreover, I’d been thinking about the SPLC for some time. Editorial had approached me about the subject some time ago, but I did not think I had the sort of news peg that allowed for the sort of piece I would want to do. The eruption of scandal around the group in March put me in the mode of reviewing some of the research I had already done, while some recent stories on the ACLU in Big Media got me thinking about a larger and more depressing pattern of behavior in not only old-line civil rights groups, but also the establishment media.

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