Democrats’ Stale “New” Ideas: Liner Notes

My latest column, “All Democrats’ ‘New’ Ideas Are Just Repackaged Failures Baby Boomers Like,” is posted at The Federalist. It was largely inspired by a column by a writer for whom I have a great deal of regard, Philip Klein,” observing that many Dems see Joe Biden as a candidate of “old” ideas unlike Bernie Sanders, the candidate of “new” ideas. I think Klein’s observation of the perception was correct, but the perception itself was entirely wrong. There is nothing remotely new about the Sanders agenda or method.

What got left out for space? The pitch for this column emerged from an online discussion, which usually means “not much.” In this case, however, there are examples I had to skip.

For example, the idea of “free” college tuition follows the classic progressive-to-socialist sequence. In the 70s, Democrats were the party pushing the idea of student loans to increase access to higher education. When the easily foreseeable problems of that approach occurred, they pushed to socialize college lending. And now that those failures are manifiest, they want to eliminate loans in favor of government payouts.

The answer to imagined market failures is always government intervention, and the answer to government failures is also more government intervention. (See also: healthcare.)

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