Bidenpalooza, Part 2: Liner Notes

The companion column to yesterday’s, “If He Wants To Win, Joe Biden Should Stop Apologizing,” is now online.

This piece was written shortly after the Lucy Flores accusation, but the general principle still holds up in the context of his handsyness and beyond. And while this column was in editorial, Ross Douthat wrote a column in the same general ballbark. I differ with Douthat insofar as I question whether the Democrats’ socialists and identitarians really constitute an “emerging consensus” within the rank-and-file of the party.

Indeed, one of the lessons of 2016 ought to have been how little policy, let alone policy details may matter in this political moment. Donald Trump had only one policy that could be called crystal clear — The Wall — and that’s a remarkably simple, if potent, policy. Otherwise, Trump was very much boosted by his brand, cultivated for years on reality TV — and in books, etc. for years prior to that. Otherwise, like Obama’s “blank slate” candidacy, Trump was to be taken seriously, not literally.

Outside the highly engaged voter pools in Iowa and New Hampshire, it is at least a fair bet that ordinary Democrats (those outside the Acela corridor) really just want to know about the candidates’ priorities and personalities. Many expect Biden to go the way of Jeb Bush — which could happen and validate Douthat’s column. But in my piece, I explain why that might not happen, and why a candidate willing to ignore the left’s woke elites caould survive and thrive.

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