Bidenpalooza: Liner Notes

I have a new column up today at the Federalist, “Progressives Try To Scare Joe Biden Out Of 2020 Campaign By Bringing Up His Creepy Touching.” Oddly, it is sort of a companion piece to another column about Joe Biden’s campaign-in-waiting which may or may not run this week.

But the claim that Biden touched and kissed the head of Lucy Flores was the weekend’s news, so it does not surprise me that editorial was looking to run this piece first.

What got left out for space? Not much, because the other column also explores the likelihood that Biden — assuming he runs — will enter the 2020 race with a target on his back from much of the media, including the establishment media.

Handsy Joe Biden is well-known, and he finds himself on the wrong side of the MeToo moment. Nevertheless, the fact that Biden’s habits were public and not rising to the level of sexual harassment probably makes the situation survivable for Biden, especially outside the bubble of cable news and social media. As the column suggests, the fact that such attacks are being dumped before he enters may make it difficult for his adversaries to sustain the outrage for a month, let alone a year.

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