Obama as the Godfather of the Party of Obama: Liner Notes

I have a new column up at The Federalist, “Barack Obama’s Radicalism Laid The Groundwork For Ilhan Omar’s.” Although “radicalism” strikes me as a strong term, maybe that’s why I don’t write headlines in an attention-based economy.

In any event, the column looks at the gap between Obama’s campaign rhetoric and tactics versus the way he governed — esp. his second term — and how it contributed to the rise of the Party of Omar *and the Party of Trump). It was inspired more or less by a debate on Twitter about how much of the Democratic lurch leftward exceeded thee general cultural drift leftward during the Obama era.

That lurch has been of interest to me before. Obama is not the sole cause of that lurch, a phenomenon on which there has been little research or study. Some of it may relate to Gen Z coming into colleges and the voter pool, which suggests a generation of parenting and K-12 education are implicated. Some of it may relate to the rise of social media platforms (the Black Lives Matter movement, mentioned in the column, may never have happened had the (ironically justified) police shooting of Michael Brown not gained visibility through social media). And there may be other factors eluding me at the moment, but Obama’s second-term governance seems to be one.

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