The Politics of Adult Children: Liner Notes

My latest column is up at The Federalist, “Dianne Feinstein Teaches The Green New Deal Kids A Lesson In Politics.”

It was an odd piece to write. It came out of a discussion of “breaking news” late Friday. And I’m recovering from a minor health issue that was going to have me at home and awake late Friday. But given the looming weekend and the general editorial process, I had to consider that it might well not run until today (if it ran). Accordingly, I made sure to have a “bigger picture” turn at the end to help give the piece legs (even if most readers decide to click based on the headline, in my experience).

As I was writing as though I was on a tight deadline, not much got left out for space. The subject of youth politics could have lent itself to more examples like the Parkland shooting kids, but I tend to consider that topic covered already — which is why the end focuses on the role of adults in youth politics.

I also considered writing about the leftist tactic of training their fire on those who are still on the left. Pres. Trump made hay doing it to the right in 2016, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes after the left… but this is not a case where she merely imitates Trump.

In the late Sixties and early Seventies, New Left radicals targeted liberals like university administrators — and it tended to work because it’s harder to summarily reject those who at least present themselves as withing one’s own tribe. Noah C. Rothman’s new book, Unjust, has a bit about how today’s social justice warriors similarly pick soft targets to rack up victories (or perceived victories).

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