The Media Blind Spot For Left-Wing Extremism: Liner Notes

I have a surprise (to me) third column this week at The Federalist, titled “Democracy Dies In Darkness When The Media Avoids Extremist Democrats.”

Over the past decade or so, I have written quite a bit about media bias. In recent years have tried to dial it back a bit because I believe there is a danger in media criticism which is purely partisan, as opposed to institutional (in the sense that certain types of media bias are not healthy for our small-p politics). So I have tried to restrict myself more to the latter cases. The establishment media’s bias regarding abortion, particularly the extreme support for late-term abortion, is one of those cases and I’m far from alone in this belief.

The more polarized our politics become, the less effective partisan criticism becomes, so I have little hope that a column like the one published today persuades many people on the left. But if internal policing is what remains, the establishment media’s failures to police extremism within the Democratic Party they so obviously favor are that much more egregious, not only on its own terms but also for the cynicism it breeds on the right. Moreover, for the reasons I suggest at the end of the column, it appears the media knows that what the left is doing here is morally wrong, but cannot bring itself to speak truth to power which is otherwise congenial to them.

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