Impeachment? Bring It On. (Liner Notes)

My latest column at The Federalist is online: “Impeachment Won’t Be The Trump-Ending Silver Bullet Democrats Expect.” It’s a set of arguments for why the right is coming around to the acceptance of impeaching Pres. Trump, in case you were wondering whether the site publishes a broad spectrum of views.

Some on the right have been questioning the FBI/Special Counsel probes of the President for some time already. All recognize that any serious claim against the President would wind up with Congress, as the Constitution dictates. If a Democratic House cannot be stopped, it should be asked why Dems should be allowed to hide behind the executive branch investigations.

What got left out for space? First, the consideration of evidentiary claims (other than to note the current public evidence is not moving a GOP-controlled Senate). After all, Trump supporters are confident he did nothing warranting a conviction. And if it turned out that Trump was guilty of something that would convince the Senate, the GOP should rip off that band-aid sooner rather than later.

Second, space precluded a more detailed examination of the timing of impeachment. But once you realize that (so far), the Dems have better odds of beating him at the ballot box than in an impeachment, there’s not really a “good timing” scenario for them. Impeachment this year might take it off the table before the 2020 election and dispirit Dems. Impeachment might have the most impact in Summer 2020, but it would be seen as the height of partisanship. Dragging proceedings out past the election would be difficult if Trump is reelected.

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