Ilhan Omar Strikes Again : Liner Notes

My second column of the day at The Federalist is headlined “Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Smearing Covington High Schoolers, But Her Anti-Semitic Tweets Remain Online.”

This was truly done on a “breaking news” type of deadline, so not much got left on the clipboard. If I had more time, I might have done more parsing of Omar’s most recent rationalization of the infamous ” Israel has hypnotized the world ” tweet. The more closely you read her new tweets, the more they read as: “sorry Jews were offended by my obvious anti-Semitic trope; I’ll try not to let the mask slip quite so obviously in the future.”

In addition, as Omar will almost certainly stick her foot in her mouth again, I think I might profit from looking at the media coverage of Israel on the date of the “hypnotized” tweet. Based on how the Middle east conflict generally gets covered, I suspect it’s not the pro-Israel fantasy coverage Omar seems to think it was.

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