The NYT Whitewashes Ilhan Omar: Liner Notes

Another new column at The Federalist today, “NYT Puff Piece On Democrat Ilhan Omar Again Whitewashes Her Apparent Anti-Semitism.” It’s largely a continuation of what is sadly becoming a “beat” covering progressives’ tolerance for anti-Semtism in their ranks. There have been a couple of other pieces criticizing the New York Times for giving Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar a puff piece; mine focuses on the “silver lining” that both Omar and the NYT have to go out of their way in their dishonesty, suggesting consciousness of guilt.

What got left out for space? Mostly that — in addition to tolerating left-wing bigotry — the NYT has chosen to smear Republicans with the charge of anti-Semitism where it doesn’t exist. The paper waged such a campaign against GOPer Tim Miller for doing routine opposition research for Facebook on groups critical of the company, discovering that some of those groups were funded by George Soros.

Similarly, other Timespeople (and colleagues in the media) have condemned Pres. Trump and Sen. Chuck Grassley for noting Soros was involved in funding a variety of left-wing activist groups. Although others have made anti-Semitic attacks against Soros, NYTers have chosen to flood the fainting couches over entirely factual and non-bigoted descriptions of what Soros has done. The same could be said of Democrats’ attacks on GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson: some attacks have been bigoted, but others not. Unfortunately, the NYT has chosen to debase the debate over resurgent anti-Semitism not only by ignoring it on the left, but also by imagining it on the right even when it is absent.

Again, this is not to say that the NYT could not find legit bigotry on the right. It is to say that the institution is becoming so rotten, lazy, and “woke” as to become counter-productive as fewer people take them seriously.

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