Liberal Elites’ Climate Obsession Hurts Democrats: Liner Notes

Another new column up at The Federalist today, titled “The Liberal Elites Driving Climate Change Hysteria Are Hurting Democrats’ Electoral Chances,” which is fairly explanatory.  In my prior Liner Notes about the French riots sparked by green taxes, I noted that one thing left out of my last column was the role of the American media’s blind spot on the political realities of the climate change issue. I got to expand on that today, though my argument is more about the media as a symptom rather than a cause of the blindness (it’s arguably more of a vicious circle at this point).

Given that today’s column is based on something from my prior Liner Notes, not much got left out for space. But in the interim, a third weekend of street protests in France turned violent and included the vandalization of the Arc de Triomphe.  Despite making noises about negotiations the Macron government contemplates no significant change from its present course on climate change. Indeed, in the middle of this tumult, Macron confirmed that the government would be shuttering 14 nuclear power plants, albeit not on the originally announced timetable (which had been magical thinking anyway).  The idea is to rely more on wind and solar, though Macron admits these are “intermittent” sources of power.  He is hoping innovation solves that problem. And I would agree that innovation is probably how we get climate change solutions over the next 100 years.  But it seems foolish to bet on that in a 10-20 year timeframe, let alone to do so while the government is raising the cost of living for ordinary people with green taxes.

Macron governing as though his constituency is Juliette Binoche instead of the middle and working classes.  The results are a tiny approval rating and street riots, which are attracting all sorts of political factions to start attaching their demands.  Things seem likely to get worse before they improve.  There should be a lesson here for the Democratic Party, whose activists and media seem bent on pushing a “Green New Deal” based on the same fantasy of quickly phasing out fossil fuels.  In reality, it’s been a fossil fuel that has America reducing carbon emissions better than countries like France.

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