Harvard’s Dishonest Affirmative Action Fuels Populism: Liner Notes

I start the week with another column at The Federalist: “How Harvard’s Dishonesty About Its Racial Discrimination Will Fuel Populism.” It’s an example of this sideblog helping me workshop things, as the basic idea comes from the liner notes to my previous column.

Not much got left out for space, per se.  I wound up only touching lightly on Harvard’s history of discriminating against Jews because really digging into that debate would have required another column, and perhaps more. Ultimately, Harvard’s current defenders reject the comparison primarily because the discrimination here is ostensibly well-intentioned. The question of whether such intentions eventually pave the road to Hell in this context is an important one, but ultimately beyond the scope of the column. In A Few Good Men, Col. Natahan Jessup has an argument to make about the value of a “code red.” He had lost that argument and continued to do what he wanted secretly. Anyone who has seen the movie or the play realizes that’s a problem.

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