Taking the Democrats’ Kavanaugh Clown Show (Slightly) Seriously: Liner Notes

I have a new column up at The Federalist, “Democrats Have Very Good Reasons To Go Crazy Over Kavanaugh,” arguing that the right should have a moment of sympathy for a left that has only clown show theatrics to deploy when it really matters. At the risk of giving it all away: “At a time in which our politics and our media run through several cycles of outrages, faux rages, and hoaxes daily, the left has at least chosen to dramatize something important.”

What got left out for space? Hardly anything. Sometimes a column virtually writes itself. I ticked off the main points I wanted to make in an email, and when it was suggested I turn it into a piece, it was mostly filling out sentences into paragraphs. To avoid interrupting the flow, I left out a graf about what the Dems might actually want to accomplish with their confirmation hi-jinks. Although I think I have the long-term motive covered, I skip the short-term motive, which likely is the perceived necessity of keeping the party’s base energized for the midterms. Whether that is a good idea on balance may depend on whether the midterms are in fact a base turnout exercise, or whether swing voters still matter. Also, Allahpundit may have been on to something in July when he theorized that “liberals need to use the next few months to show Trump that no hardcore pro-lifer can be confirmed lest it ignite a ferocious backlash.”

The column also discusses the nature of Pres. Trump’s support. Given that regular churchgoers tended to favor Cruz over Trump in the 2016 primaries, there is probably a lot more to be written about religious conservatives’ support for Trump, and particularly the siege mentality many have maintained even after he won. But this column was not the moment for it.

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