The Democrats’ March Toward Jeremy Corbyn: Liner Notes

I have a new column up at The Federalist, “Democrats Are Fielding Even More Anti-Semitic Candidates For Congress,” which is probably a bit stronger than I might have put it, but headlines gota headline. It surveys a slate of four new congressional nominees, most of whom have ties to the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement, and one of whom has co-written a book which makes Israel seem like SPECTRE.

What did I leave out? I could have turned the conclusion into a meditation on partisanship, because bigotry is also a problem within the GOP these days. And the media’s tendency to treat the latter as an overall narrative while ignoring it among the Dems one of its worst biases, inasmuch as bigotry ought not to be a partisan issue. And that consequently, the partisan focus on the issue by both sides ends up being a mitigating factor that at least gets the issue out in front of the public.

But I’ve written things that brush up against that thesis, at least one of which is linked in the column.  As a writer, I am always thinking about the balance between focusing on themes that I think are important to discuss while trying not to be writing the same three or four columns over and over. Some get away with that, but it seems a rather tedious method of operation.

Also, it would have been nice to have space to do even more of an explainer of BDS, in particular the the fact that anti-Semitic incidents tend to increase on campuses where it takes hold (though again, I’ve brushed up against that in past columns). People like Tlaib are careful enough to frame support for BDS as a free speech issue (as I address in the column). And we always want to be careful to avoid illegal or even undue censorship. But when a movement tries to retreat behind the idea that they are merely criticizing Israel’s policies or government, it is worth noting that this is often not true and theory and that the line frequently gets blurred in reality.

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