The Ungrateful Left Dumps on Justice Kennedy: Liner Notes

I have a new column up at The Federalist today: “The Left’s Spite Against Justice Kennedy Should Warn Anyone Who Tries To Please Them.”  Essentially, it argues that progressives know they’re unlikely to get a new Supreme Court nominee that’s better for them than Kennedy, but can’t help dumping on him because ingratitude is a core progressive trait.

What got cut for space? Virtually nothing, because this was me ranting to some people and those people saying I should write it as a column.  So I did, though I don’t think the tone is particularly ranty.  There are rants like this that tend to write themselves, as evidenced here by the fact that the very end manages to close a circle with the very beginning.

If I wanted to add anything, I suppose i could have pointed out that the Left has the same sort of ungrateful and counter-productive attitude toward Trump skeptics on the Right.  If you’re a progressive, the only option that should be open to such skeptics is to vote Democrat, even if the skeptics disagree with almost all of the progressive agenda.  It doesn’t occur to them that the effect would be to shrink the GOP to Trump supporters, which doesn’t serve conservatives’ medium-term interests.  Or Democrats’ for that matter, unless they think that having to cling tightly to Bill Clinton after the 1994 midterms served their medium-term interests (spoiler: it did not).