Why the Left Will Forgive Joy Reid: Liner Notes

I have a new column at The Federalist today about MSNBC weekend host Joy Reid’s third and presumably final apology for various posts she wrote on her now-defunct blog back in the Aughts.  It goes beyond the failures of Reid or MSNBC to address her , widely disbelieved claims that her old blog was hacked and that the matter was under FBI investigation, to explore why the Left must forgiven her for taking positions that were not far out of the progressive mindset when she wrote them.

What got left out for space?  Not much, though I could have elaborated a bit further n the final paragraphs.  What I will add here is that I have been largely unable to post here as regularly as I would like due to a minor health issue, which is slowly improving.  Accordingly, it is my hope to resume posting more here, even if they start off as shorter observations.  I have a bcklog of subjects upon which I could comment already.

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