The Cannabis Candidate Goes Up in a Blaze: Liner Notes

It’s twofer Friday, as I have both a blog posting and a new column at The Federalist, asking “Will A Democratic House Candidate Facing Allegations of Abuse, Threats and Resume Inflation Be Saved by Stoners?”  Here’s your lede graf:

One of the great things about primary campaigns is that they offer almost limitless opportunities for previously private citizens to engage in very public acts of self-immolation. This is the story of Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a Democratic House candidate who burst on the political scene in a cloud of marijuana smoke, but now faces a firestorm of allegations including physical abuse, threats, and an almost comical level of resume inflation.”

People may alternately cringe and guffaw over Wolf’s defects, but there was more reason for me to write about him beyond the fact that his story jumped from my neck of the woods to the national media.

A recent Federalist Radio Hour with guest Daniel Hannan has a lot to recommend itself to those of you who read here because you’re concerned about the current state of American politics.  He is in the somewhat unusual position of being both a Brexiteer and being more classically liberal than populist.  But one of the things he said in passing was that, in his opinion. American primary elections do a better job in weeding out fringey candidates than the party list systems often found in Europe.  Those of us concerned about the conservative movement may not have been feeling that way about GOP primaries recently, so Hannan’s view from a distance may help us see there are silver linings even in stormy periods.

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