Mike Huckabee’s Gun Fight with the Country Music Association: Liner Notes

My latest column at the Federalist is “Country Music Executives Slammed The NRA In Push To Oust Huckabee.”  If you’re as big a Huckabee fan as I am, don’t worry: the column isn’t really about him.

Rather, as longtime readers know, I find it useful to use stories about people (that many like to read) to really write about ideas (that fewer like to read).  The column is really about the history of country music has traditionally been a voice of cultural conservatism, but only became a voice of political conservatism as the left started making cultural conservatives uncomfortable with the Democratic Party — not unlike what happened to the NRA, ironically.

The past couple of years of school shootings — and the Las Vegas shooting, having targeted the Harvest Music Festival — is causing some in the country music business to rethink their prior support of or silence about the NRA, even if there’s little evidence the genre’s audience has moved much on the Second Amendment.  Moreover, while country music of the 1960s and 1970s used to have room for more diversity in its politics, the polarization that moved their audience rightward may force those in the biz who favor even modest gun control measures into some of the “binary choices” that are now de rigueur in politics.

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