Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Odd Gun Decision: Liner Notes

I have my third column up at The Federalist to end the week, “Why Dick’s Decision To Ban Some Rifles (Again) Might Backfire.”  The chain has tried this before, only to quietly retreat at a small spinoff-chain, most of which is located in places that won’t like their decision.

Of course, it’s possible Dick’s thinks this might boost non-gun sales with particular demographics like Millennials.  This sort of thinking is something I’ve written about before regarding ESPN, and (indirectly) Patagonia (one of Dick’s competitors).

But the polling suggests that this sort of thing might be popular in the abstract, gun sales bans may not appeal particularly to the young.  Indeed, while the piece was in editorial, Pew released a poll about generational politics suggesting that while Millennials are more progressive on most issues, gun control is an issue where the difference is modest.

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