The Media Even Blows the Spin Cycle

It’s a washing machine pun.  I crack myself up.  Surprisingly, this is not about the kids eating Tide pods.

What’s McArdle’s theory?

There’s something to that, but I have an alternate theory inspired by McArdle’s past writing.

Media coverage of the Trump tariffs focused on solar panels because that’s something that seems a lot sexier to journalists who live in the bubble of Hillary Clinton voters.  Washing machines just aren’t as sexy, not even the environmentally-friendly ones.  The cost of washing machines remain more of a concern to folks in Trump country.

A media generally opposed to Trump might have used the washing machine angle to subtly undermine Trumponomics with Trump supporters.  But that would require thinking about those people on a level that goes beyond making the occasional field trip to stereotypical downscale towns in flyover country.  It would require having enough folks in newsrooms who would instinctively realize washing machines might be more politically salient than solar panels.

Of course, it’s a bit of a Catch-22.  If you had a critical mass of those people in newsrooms, they might be less bent on their political agenda in the first place.  But their insularity hobbles them even on their own terms.

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