Moana Halloween Costume: Trick or Treat?

Something that only seems lighter for the pre-Halloween weekend.  I don’t plan on saying much that’s earth-shatteringly original here (I’m really selling this).  But sometimes simplicity beats originality.

Almost all of you have probably seen the column that ran at Redbook and Cosmopolitan warning white parents not to let their little girls dress as Disney’s CGI Polynesian princess, Moana, for Halloween.  Or at least seen the more mocking responses at places like Townhall.  Or the more serious dissections of cultural appropriation at places like Reason.

But to boil it down, the author is advocating raising race-conscious children.  A little white girl admires or loves Moana, but must be told she cannot want to dress like her because a lot of whites are racist.

[Aside: If one believes that characters like Moana are important role models to Americans of Asian-Pacific heritage, ask yourself how many films like this Disney will make once the identitarians have helped torch Disney’s merchandising operation.  The left doesn’t seem to ask, presumably happy to decry the evils of the capitalism that brought Moana to the big screen.]

That little girl will learn a lesson about race.  What a small child actually learns may vary.  Perhaps that the palette of Moana’s pixels are more important than the content of the character.  But if she becomes race-conscious, that will be fine with white nationalists, who think it primes whites to be “flipped” when they become tired of being at the bottom of the intersectionality regime based on nothing they ever did.

Identity politics leftists may tell themselves that won’t happen, when they aren’t condemning the white identity politics that helped elect Pres. Trump.  Incidentally, most of that impulse is strongest among older whites, but rather than let them slowly die off, the left is brilliantly hoping to perpetuate race-consciousness for generations to come.

Some will dismiss this kerfuffle du jour as trivial.  But the seeming triviality of the subject only underscores the depths of the totalitarian mindset at work here.  And totalitarianism almost always gets around to considering that your children are our children.

Given that no one really has the power to control the thoughts of everyone in America, imagine the level of coercion that will be required to enforce the behaviors of leftist identity politics, and what that society looks like.

When you’re imagining that society, recall that for most of this nation’s history, this country suffered — to various degrees in various places — under a regime of white identity politics or white supremacy.  We evolved away from this in large part because there was a trans-racial coalition that would take a black minister seriously when he invoked the creed espoused but unfulfilled by a white slaveholder.

What happens if America returns to a place where identity politics is prominent and that creed is effectively rejected by our supposed elites?  The identitarians are revolutionary; the results of revolutions are rarely pretty.

Bonus: For a non-Disneyfied take, watch Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discuss the work of Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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