Trump’s Real Problem: Libertarians

You know it’s true.  If you don’t, just consider what they write about Pres. Trump and his administration at Reason magazine.

They say Trump has destroyed the credibility of the presidency and is consumed by pettiness. During the height of the Russia probe hysteria in May, Reason — despite generally criticizing the anti-Trump hysteria pushing impeachment — ran a piece arguing we don’t impeach enough presidents.

They call AG Jeff Sessions “an unreformed drug warrior and sinister elf“; they attack his honesty and argue he is turning the clock back 30 years.

They criticize Trump’s policies on Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, the Philippines, and North Korea.  They criticized his Warsaw speech about “The West.”  They call his supposed “travel ban” legal, but dumb.

They attack Trump’s positions on his signature populist issues, like immigration (including The Wall), NAFTA, tariffs, and his “Hire American, Buy American” policy.

They gripe about Trump’s approach to the opioid crisis.  They call Trumpcare worse than Obamacare.  They scorn his budget and its corporate welfare.  They carp about his tax plan, calling it more Bush than Reagan.  Even though they generally praise Trump’s deregulatory push, they complain that he doesn’t really believe in free markets.

They attack Trump’s loyal supporters (Great Americans all), especially Steve King.  They celebrate treacherous Republicans like Jeff Flake, Justin Amash, and the self-interested Rand Paul.

Worse, they hype the idea that Trump wants to suppress the media, the sworn enemies of everything good and decent.  Indeed, even when they criticize the media, they also criticize Fox News, Trump and other GOPers for cynically profiting from We The People’s righteous loathing of the establishment press.

They even downplay the mortal threat of leaks about the administration.  Do they not understand that the New York Times is much more of a danger to our freedoms than Vladmir Putin?

And perhaps worst of all, they promote the heresy that the GOP does not deserve your absolute loyalty.  Do they not realize that we are in a civil war, that we face an existential crisis from the Left, that the terrorists are still grappling for the controls of Flight 93?

Clearly, they do not.  They only criticize the Democrats on occasion, and even then usually include the GOP in their critiques.  I can’t remember the last time they covered the Clinton Foundation’s uranium deal, or the Clinton-Lynch tarmac summit.

Sure, Hillary lost the election.  Sure, the Democrats are in the their weakest position since the 1920s.  Sure, they’re in disarray.  Sure, conservatives frequently claim that the Dems (including the MSM) are behaving in a way sure to re-elect Trump.  But why do the libertarians not realize that Hillary Clinton has merely retreated to Mount Doom as a tactical measure, that she may yet rise again and exterminate the Shire?

It is almost as if the libertarians, with their obsessive focus on people who hold actual power and make actual news, are in a secret conspiracy against conservatives.  Or maybe it’s the weed.

After all, if this handful of libertarian writers and pundits would just bend the knee, Trump’s job approval rating wouldn’t be 19-20 points under water, and there would be peace throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Is it unreasonable for me to demand that Reason make me their EIC, for the greater good of America?  I think not.

OTOH, maybe scapegoating a handful of writers who don’t care for Trump and disagree on principle with some of his policies is mostly a way of allowing me to pretend that Trump’s agenda may fall short not only with libertarians, but also conservatives who prioritize national defense, foreign policy, and fiscal responsibility.  Could it be?

Am I so out of touch?

No, it’s the libertarians who are wrong.

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